What is a SSAS?

Small self-administered pension schemes (SSAS) are generally set up to provide retirement benefits for a small number of a company’s directors and/or senior staff and can be open to connected members (i.e friends or family), even if they don't work for the employer. The number of members is generally limited to 11. A SSAS is run by it's Trustees, who may often be the members of the scheme.

Is it a pension scheme?

A SSAS is a registered pension scheme with HMRC. A SSAS is an occupational pension scheme where the members are usually company directors or key staff. A SSAS is set up by a trust deed and rules and allows the members and employer greater flexibility and control over the scheme’s asset holdings.

In what way is it self-administered?

Members are also the trustees and beneficiaries of the SSAS, which means they are investing funds for their own benefit; a SSAS gives them greater investment opportunities to make their investment decisions.

Is the scheme flexible?

A SSAS gives members more flexibility and control over the scheme’s assets than a SIPP (self-invested personal pension), this is primarily because there is no need for a professional trustee company.

How do I set up a SSAS?

Setting up a SSAS with us is straightforward. All you need to do to start is give us a call or submit your information through our online submission page and we can start the process from there. Our administration team will let you know what we require in order to start the process and reduce time delays during the set up process. Please see our contact us page to make sure you’re on the right course for retirement.